Three weeks ago, I became a college graduate..and the questions began..

“So now that you’re done with school, are you looking to get married? What’s next for you? Do you have plans to return to school? A job lined up yet?”

So many questions that have been asked and I’ve been stuck in the emotional mess of overwhelming fear and uncertainty. But I’ve come to realize that not knowing what’s next isn’t exactly wrong.

It’s okay, actually. My cousin said something to me on graduation night that really stuck with me, “Always have the mindset that the older you get, the more little you know. There is always room for improvements.” He was so right. I’m still young…The world is so big, and I’m just a small fish in it.

The unknown of what’s next is scary, but God reminds me that He will direct my future..

There is a calm in the unknown. It’s the realization that although as a planner, this is difficult, this is needed.

The unknown is for growth, to keep me on my feet.

The unknown is living in the moment; taking it all in and enjoying life.

The unknown is relief in knowing your problems are being placed in Gods hands.

The bible says ‘Fear Not’ 365 times, one for each day of the year. He didn’t intend for us to spend our days preoccupied with anxiety.

Maybe this unknown is meant for a change in heart rather than the situations.

There is a sense of peace in the unknown..

believe in His plan.



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