This might not be my typical blog post but it’s been one I had to speak on. For the last few weeks I feel like I have been trying to figure out how to word this post but I struggled with how to form the words, so this might just be a scatterbrained post but bear with me.

As most of my readers know, I recently graduated college and in my free time being home, waiting for whats next in life, I have been trying to spend my time catching up with friends. Being someone who has lived in six different cities who is extremely social, this list of friendship go from Seattle to New York but I can honestly say I love each friendship I have. Taking this free time to really just devote to my friendships and soak up in each relationships in my life has been so great, so quick shout out to all of you out there blessing me with your presence in my life. Among doing this I have come to know that a lot of my friends are struggling with the same issue, loving themselves. I know I myself struggle with this. *cues Julia Michaels singing Issues*
I know as a woman, I look in the mirror and I find my flaws: acne scars, dark circles under my eyes, crazy curly hair, no thigh gap, the list can go on… These are just a few of the things that make me feel like I am not good or pretty enough cause what its not what is praised in the world we live in. Living in a world where being skinny, having flawless light skin and straight hair is seen as beautiful, it’s hard for girls like me: the curvy, dark skinned, curly hair girl. It wasn’t until a good three years ago where I started to see that in order to be truly happy, I had to love myself first. This starts with learning to love these parts of me that I wasn’t happy with; the flaws, the insecurities, the things that weigh down my self esteem.
For me, this is still a process. It meant reminding myself that although I am not a fair skin Indian girl like the rest of my community, I am beautiful in my milk chocolate complexion no matter the ridicule I’ve heard growing up because of my skin tone. It means embracing my curly hair that I grew up hating because every other girl I knew had gorgeous straight hair and I had hair that was so hard to tame. It took me looking at myself everyday and saying “I am beautiful, just the way I am” for me to start allowing a change to take place.
You see, I have come to this point of understanding that there is power in my thoughts and my words. I guess my point in writing tonight, is to simply say that your thoughts about yourself, the things you allow yourself to believe that you are not good enough will only continue to weigh you down so you must change that attitude.Β Happiness means loving yourself, because self love is the most important thing in order to grow.

Love those curves, love your skin no matter the shade, love your hair; curly or straight, love your smile, and most of all, love yourself.


p.s. you’re not alone! πŸ™‚


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